Recommended anime/manga

Here’s the page where I’ll often update on what anime/manga I’ll be checking out soon.

For now there’s only:

– Animes/Manga I Think I Should Read or Watch/ or just plain finish: –

1. MeruPuri

2. Clannad

3. xxxHolic

4. Death Note

5. Gundam (I can’t believe this..)

6. Octave





(I’ve left them open, just in case I see an anime I want to watch or read. Oh, if you have an anime you think you want to recommend, please tell me! I’m open to all, but I’m not really a fan of horror or murder. It scares me. Sorry!)

– Animes/Manga I’ve finished: –

1. Mai HiME (Otome, Zwei, etc)

2. Code Geass





Hmm.. I can’t remember any right nowz.. lemme edit laterz xD


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5 Responses to “Recommended anime/manga”

  1. Natshiz

    Can u make MAI HIME.MAI OTOME AND SO CODE GEASS be in your list ^___^

    sure you’ll enjoy it haha thanks

  2. Onyx Crescent

    Sure!!! No problemo….xD

  3. ~T~

    can’t believe octave isn’t your super-duper top favorite best ever-released yuri manga.
    nice list though =]

  4. Onyx Crescent

    Thankz. I haven’t been on.. for A LONG while though xD.

  5. filtaku

    I loved Mai Hime =D

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